Club Room Hire

Our Clubrooms are available for hire to Club Members, as well as the Community. 

Our Clubrooms are made up of two separate areas, one larger Rugby Clubroom and a smaller Squash Lounge, as well as Modern Bar Facilities and Kitchens

If you have a group larger than 50 people, the Rugby Clubroom would suit your size group. If you're group is smaller than 50 people, the Squash side may be more suitable. 

Both spaces are ideal for different types of Functions (Corporate Functions, Birthday Celebrations, Meetings and Promotional Gatherings), therefore, please read more information about the spaces under the Function tab, or you are welcome to stop in and have a look at the space to see what might suit you best!

For all enquiries please contact us on ,   

Two different function spaces to meet your event needs...

Charities / Clubs / Group Hire

We offer reduced rates for other local Clubs/ Groups who are holding meetings, gatherings or presentations.

We understand that other Clubs/ Groups are looking for a space to meet in, but don't have their own facility. 

We can offer these Clubs/ Groups a facility, on a reoccurring basis or one off, for a dramatically reduced rate!

Contact us on for more information.

Further Information - Hire Our Facilities

Rugby Clubroom

Squash Clubroom