Mount Maunganui Sports Club Touch Module 2021/22


Please see the additional tab called ' Touch under Level 2' for information around how we play at Level 2.


    • The Season will commence on Wed 13th Oct 2021 until Wed 1st Dec 2021.
      • Friday Finals Night on Friday 3 Dec 2021.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
      • After Christmas, Touch will commence on Wed 19th Jan 2022 until Wed 23rd Feb 2022.
        • Friday Finals Night on Friday 25th Feb 2022. 


      • Registrations are now open.
      • Registrations close on the 4th of October 2021 or when we get 48 teams (whatever comes first). Your registration is not confirmed until we receive full payment for your team. Last year, we had to turn away 14 teams due to our module being full, so get in quick.
      • A team registration sheet shall be completed by each team and the entry fee of $650.00 is to be paid by Mon 4th Oct 2021. Failure to do so will result in the team being omitted from the competition.
      • We reserve the right to accept or decline applications for registration as we deem appropriate.


      • This year, we have 2 grades; Competitive or Social. Each week, the draw will be made up of randomly selected games of teams in the same grade.


      • We have 8 fields available, so we can have up to 48 teams! First teams with registrations AND payment made, will secure their spot in the Module.


      • A Team shall consist of 14 players maximum (choose your team wisely).
      • There are to be six players on the field from each team with a maximum of 3 males on the field.
      • A minimum of four players is required (including 1 female) for a game to commence.


      • The games will be for 30 minutes - no halftime.
      • There will be three playing times
        • 5.45pm ~ 6.15pm
        • 6.20pm ~ 6.50pm
        • 6.55pm ~ 7.25pm
      • Fighting, or any sort of Referee abuse, will not be tolerated. Offending person(s) or teams will be withdrawn from the competition with no refund.

      LEVEL 2 times

      • 5.45pm - 6.15pm

      Round 1 (start and finish 1 horn sounds)

      • 6:20pm

      Round 1 teams leave and round 2 teams enter (2 horns sound)

      • 6.25pm - 6.55pm

      Round 2 (start and finish 1 horn sounds)

      • 7:00pm

      Round 2 teams leave and round 3 teams enter (2 horns sound)

      • 7.05pm - 7.35pm

      Round 3 (start and finish 1 horn sounds)

      ​​​​​​​Level 3 & 4

      If we are in Level 3 & 4 during Touch season, the Club Board will make a fair decision as needed, in regards to teams and playing.


      • Win = 3 points
      • Draw = 2 points
      • Loss = 1 point
      • Forfeit = 0 points

      Game Forfeiting

      • If you cannot attend your game on Wednesday, you must inform Touch Management via email ( prior to 5pm the Tuesday before your Wednesday game.
      • Failure to do so, will result in a first and final warning. As well as a points reduction of -3 on the table. Teams that fail to let management know they are not attending their game for a second time, will be removed from the competition, with no refund given. This rule covers both halves of the season.
      • If your team turns up with the wrong numbers, you can still play but the other team will win by default.


      • Suitable Referees will be provided.
      • On occasions, teams may be asked to help out with refereeing games including their own (only if it is necessary), but they will be reimbursed for this.
      • See the TOUCH RULES tab for full details on Module Rules.
      • Any sort of Referee abuse, will not be tolerated. Offending person(s) or teams will be withdrawn from the competition with no refund.

      Finals Night

      • There will be no prizes paid out in cash - all teams will receive equal prizes on finals night (held over to the next round, if in Covid Level 2 or above). 
      • The finals night party is subject to being in Covid Level 1.
      • The finals night games are played as per the leaderboard in each section (Competitive and Social) i.e. 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6. Teams will play at their allocated time and not their requested time. This option was voted by the teams in 2021.
      • There's 2 halfs in each season (pre-christmas and post-christmas). The points restart each half of the season.

      Cancellation Policy

      • Unless there is a Severe Weather warning for the day or the fields are closed by the Council, we do not cancel. If we do cancel, you will be informed by email to your chosen Team Manager. If you do not get an email, Touch will still be on.

      Amending these Terms & Conditions

      We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at our discretion.

      These Terms and Conditions were last updated in September 2021.