About Junior Rugby

All rugby games in the Bay of Plenty have been postponed this weekend.  Prizegiving on the 22 August will also being postponed until further notice.

Check out this link for more formation.


Junior Rugby Grades

All children (boys and girls) are graded into teams based on their age as at the 1st January. 

U6-U7: 10 aside Rippa Rugby with Rugby Boots or sport shoes played on half field

U8-U10: 10 aside tackle rugby with boots played on half field

U11-U13: Competition grades - Full tackle, full field and 15 aside Rugby. U13 players can play in the U12 grade if the child is under 55kgs.

Playing Times and Locations

U6-U7: Teams play on Saturday mornings at Arataki, on a half field. This is a change from the 2020 season where all teams played at Blake Park. 

U8-U10:  Teams play at home (Blake Park)

U11-13: Games are played at home (Blake Park) and away, throughout the season. Each Saturday, starting at 8:30am - U11 start first in the morning, then U12 and then U13.

Club Fees

1 Child: $75 

2 Children: $120

3 Children: $140

You can pay directly when you register with either direct debit or your credit card. 

You can also stop by the club and pay at the office.

**Junior Fees include a team photo, one per player, that will be issued at the end of the season**


Players will be issued with a club jersey on game day, but must provide their own shorts, socks and mouth guard.  Shorts and socks can be purchased at weigh-in, or at NZ Uniforms on Elizabeth Street

Colours; Gold and Green, Gold Shorts, Gold and Green hooped socks.

Mouth Guards are compulsory and must be worn at all times throughout the season



Rugby is a winter sport and will continue on windy and rainy days unless player safety could be compromised.

Cancellation announcements will be made as early as possible on Classic Hits 95 BOP FM after the 7am and 7.30am news http://www.classichits.co.nz/

Cancellations will ONLY affect ten aside teams aged between 5 to 10 years. Boot grade 15 aside will continue to play.


It is the aim of our club to provide our members with the best possible environment in which the boys and

girls can develop their rugby skills. Mount Junior Rugby Club is fully committed to safeguarding and

promoting the wellbeing of all its members. The club believes that it is important that members, coaches,

administrators, referees and parents associated with the club should, always, show respect and

understanding for the safety and welfare of others.

In order to assist us it is important to set some ground rules with regards to what is acceptable behaviour and what is unacceptable behaviour, whether it is on or off the field. The essential elements of character- building and ethics in sports are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and these core principles:

  • RESPECT– Show respect for both your own teammates and your opposition as well as the referees, treat everyone as you would expect to be treated.

  • COMMITTMENT – Give your very best both at training and during the game, play hard but fair.

  • POSITIVE ACTIONS – Both from the side-line and on the field use only positive talk towards your team as well as the opposition.

  • LEAD BY EXAMPLE – Set the standard both on and off the field observing the standards set by the Mount club and its members.

  • HAVE FUN – Remember we are all here for the love of sport, it is just a game to be enjoyed by all both players and supporters.


JMC Committee