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Check out these links there are some great training ideas and prizes to be won with BOPRU and The Small Blacks...

BOPRU Click Here

NZRU Click Here

The Small Blacks Click Here

Roller Mills Rugby Click Here

BOPRU School Holiday Programme teaching grass roots rugby skills.

This is a great way to kick-start the season and have some fun with your mates throughout the holidays.

For more info Click Here

Kids remember before and after each game to warm up & cool down for 10-15 minutes to prevent injury; (Walking or Jogging and Stretching)If you think of a new rugby drill make sure you tell your coach and share with your mates it could help your club become an even greater club!!!

Here are a few tips & tricks to prepare for a game during the week

Stay fuelled with Food

Have Mum/Dad to help with some passing drills or go for a run

Read a few rugby books learn the latest tricks

Pick one skill you want to improve on each week and see if you can achieve your goal; (Catching the Ball or Tackling Clean, Fast & Hard)

Warm-up - Cool-down

Stay Positive & Don't get down if you don't win but learn from it

If your injured/sick tell your coach you can still help out be a water boy and support your team

Friday night get your Gear Bag ready; (Uniform, Mouth Guard, Head Gear, Water & Warm Clothing)

Most of all - HAVE FUN!!!